Loegel Legal Services LLC

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A small law firm with large resources focused on helping individuals and businesses build and maintain healthy employment relationships. 

What Can I do for you?

By leveraging the enormous power of being small, Loegel Legal Services ("LLS") can focus directly on your needs and answer your questions about employment law and employee benefits litigation. The firm has over fifteen years of experience in employment litigation and counseling throughout the State of Georgia and in federal courts across the country. LLS has counseled small businesses and provided opportunities for growth and security by helping establish policies and action plans which support business goals and protections. LLS also helps executives and individuals transitioning to and from employment opportunities with employment contracts, severance agreements and education regarding rights and protections. Some of the services provided include:

  • Pre- and post-employment negotiation and strategy;
  • Employment contract review;
  • Non-competition and non-solicitation advice;
  • Severance advice and counseling;
  • Retirement benefit plan advice and auditing;
  • Employment policy and employee handbook creation and review;
  • Help with discipline policies, practices and proceedings;
  • Employee and manager training through seminars and workshops;
  • Zealous litigation regarding employment discrimination;
  • Pursuit and defense of investigations through the EEOC;
  • assistance with employee benefit and health benefit plans;and
  • Protection for employers and employees with concerns about ERISA, COBRA, overtime and wage claims, mass layoffs, veteran status and all forms of discrimination.